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A Company Dedicated to Green Growth

Agroforsa is a small development consulting firm devoted to green growth — conservation and management of natural resources, sustainable agricultural and rural sector economic growth, and adaptation to climate change — throughout Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). We help our clients to understand complex interrelated social, economic and environmental systems, building mutual trust, and creating policies, incentives systems and institutions to enable sustainable and scalable development.

Optimizing - Strengthening - Elevating

We boost your organization

Our development model integrates market systems and partnerships, environmental sustainability, poverty reduction and social inclusion. Agroforsa opens up opportunities for people in rural communities to participate more effectively in the marketplace and in public decisions to manage forests, watersheds, wetlands and related land and water resources, for the benefit of both present and future generations.

Our philosophy

We accompany revolutions

Since its creation, Agroforsa has encouraged Latin American organizations to integrate social and environmental challenges into their strategies and accompanies them in this revolution. Likewise, our values ​​such as professional ethics, responsibility, effort and dedication are principles that guide us to facilitate the great path of achieving growth synergies that foster tomorrow’s success.

Overcoming challenges

We orchestrate change

We know that implementing sustainable development strategies is not an easy process, nor a decision to be taken lightly, for this reason, our teams are specialists in mapping the alternative paths of challenges and opportunities. They consider the cultural aspect as the most important thing to take into account to overcome the resistance to change and achieve a sustainable transition successfully.

Transforming realities

We make it happen

Agroforsa’s talent has one objective: To make ideas … reality. Our international teams have a unique motivation: Real change, lasting and generating value for the beneficiaries of the projects in which they participate. All the organization and processes that we have are focused on obtaining measurable, quantifiable results that demonstrate the impact we generate through Agroforsa.

Who we are?


Evan Scott Thomas


Specializes in reform of the enabling environment for sustainable and scalable development, as well as the design, monitoring, evaluation and adaptive management of international development programs.

Carlos Rivas Almonte


Specialist in natural resource management; sustainable development of the agroforestry and agricultural sector, strengthening of the institutional capacity of municipal governments, extension and rural communication, and strengthening of value chains of agricultural and livestock activities.

Brian Rudert


Expert in working with the private and public sectors to build and scale up private sector alliances that improve market opportunities for small farmers.

Allen Turner


Specializes in helping local producers and institutions to apply sustainable development principles and practices that improve natural resource management and conserve biodiversity in the face of social and environmental change.


  • The experience of working with AGROFORSA, leader of the consortium, was very gratifying, due to the level of commitment and the dedication of its personnel for the execution of the Social and Community Management Plan.

    Directora Nacional Programa INAPA-AECID
  • Our experience with Agroforsa was very good, since it had a professional team of high level and with extensive experience in the issues of institutional strengthening of local governments and above all it was a very fluid professional relationship, since the response times and the channels used were adequate.

    Coordinador General DGODT/PRODEM
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